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Procal Gas Analysis


The Procal series of continuous emission monitoring instruments are designed for in stack analysis of mulitple gas phase emission components. 

The use of the advanced in-situ ‘Enveloped Folded Beam’ sample cell avoids the need to extract a sample from the stack. Thus, the use of costly high maintenance sample handling systems is eliminated. More importantly the instrument analyses an unmodified, truly representative gas sample.  

Sintered stainless steel filter panels fitted to the sides of the in-stack measuring cell allows the permeation of stack gas whilst preventing the ingress of dust and particulates. This also allows the introduction of zero and span gas enabling the system to be fully verified on stack, complying with international regulations. 

Depending on gas species and ranges to be measured, the Procal range of analysers can utilse either Infrared or Ultra Violet absorbtion technologies. 

Infrared instruments operate on the single beam dual wavelength principle where pulses of two specific wavelengths, are sent through the sample cell of the analyser, where they are reflected back to the head of the analyser for processing. The ‘measure’ pulse is partially absorbed by the gaseous component(s) to be measured whilst the ‘reference’ pulse is unaffected. 

The specific wavelengths used for analysis are obtained by means of interference filters and gas filled cells mounted on a rotating wheel. 

UV instruments utilise absorbtion spectroscopy where the unit stores and analyses a full UV spectrum and using advanced mathematical techniques calculates the gas emission concentration

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