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About us

Phoenix Instrumentation specialise in the sales and service of industrial emission monitoring analysers, measuring parameters such as NOx SO2 O2 CO CO2 Particulates and more.

We provide both portable (From TESTO) and fixed (From Procal) gas analysers to monitor emissions to atmosphere. Our dust monitors not only measure dust emissions they also provide the customer with information about how their dust collector is functioning – for example where a broken bag is.
We also provide comprehensive after sales service to all the equipment we sell.

Example of applications include:
Continuous Emission Monitors for Pollutants such as NO,NO2(NOx),SO2,CO,and CO2 (to name a few) to larger industry such as Oil refineries and Power stations. The low maintenance “in-situ” design, by Procal Analytics, ensure consistent accurate results are obtained with the minimum of fuss.

Our portable gas analysers have a wide range of applications ranging from acting as simple combustion analysers for tuning gas burners – measuring O2 and CO. To 6 gas analysers used from yearly emission reports to government agencies measuring O2,CO, CO2, NO, NO2 (NOx), SO2, H2S. The renowned German quality of Testo, ensure accurate and reliable results.

Dust and Particulate monitor applications include emission monitoring of particulates into the atmosphere to detecting broken bags within dust collectors. We have supplied many units to the cement industry as well a Wood, Steel, Power, Aluminum and food industry to mention a few. The experience of PCME and continual product development ensure that even the lowest of particulate emissions can still be measured.

With over 12 years experience in emission monitoring we are able to provide expert knowledge of available technologies for each application. We don’t believe that there is one technology to suit all applications, and with our experience we strive to provide the correct instrument to suit your particular application.